Shane Strickland

Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling Ruled!

Warning... if you are not a super nerdy fan of wrestling like I am, then this is not the blog for you. On Friday I had the opportunity to be a part of an incredible night of wrestling, as Defy Wrestling put on its first event: Defy1 "Legacy". I served as the host and ring announcer for the night,...
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Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling...This Friday!

This Friday I am getting an opportunity to step into the squared circle…with Cody Rhodes! No, I am not wrestling (that would be a recipe for disaster haha)…but I am going to be the ring announcer for a brand new local wrestling promotion: Defy Wrestling. @ImSteveMigs will reign as the announcer and...
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Jabroni Journal: Cody Rhodes Comes To Seattle

The Northwest is in no shortage of amazing local pro wrestling action. There are already a handful of badass DIY wrestling companies holding events around the city - Lucha Libre Volcanica , 3-2-1 Battle! , Rainier Pro Wrestling and Project 42 just to name a few - but on January 13th business is...
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Migs Blog: 3-2-1 Battle!

While we were on vacation I finally got to check something out that I have always wanted to see. 3-2-1 Battle! What is 3-2-1 Battle? Well it’s a local independent wrestling promotion…as they call it Weird Wrestling. Yes, they get weird, but they also get awesome. Man…this was an insanely fun night...
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Migs Blog: Shane Strickland - Killshot!

Last week I was able to interview someone that I am a big fan of…pro-wrestler, Shane Strickland. Shane is an independent wrestler that you can see on TV…as he plays “Killshot” on Lucha Underground. If you haven’t watched Lucha Underground, you are missing out on a very cool and unique style of...
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