Amazon Prime Day Postponed This Year Due to COVID-19

The global coronavirus pandemic has postponed Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year. The company officially made the announcement to why it decided to push pack the day.
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Amazon Is Rolling Out a Smart Cart That Knows What You’re Buying and Lets You Skip Lines

Amazon announced that in an effort to streamline trips to the grocery store and make them more enjoyable for customers, it is rolling out a shopping cart that uses cameras, sensors, and a scale to detect what you’re buying. Read on.
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Holiday Board Game Gift Guide 2019

Happy Holidays! That means it's time to do that last minute gift shopping you said you weren't going to put off but did anyways. On the latest episode of the Board Game Alliance episode of BJ's Geek Nation, we ran down a giant list of games to the gamers in your life (no matter what their level of...
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Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "X-mas in August?"

So I was surfing the internet the other day when I made this realization: There is about four months until Christmas! I know, I’m sorry to bring it up, but it’s true! Breath, it’s ok, I got you! I am the kind of person who likes to get their shopping done early. It’s a combo of my fascination to...
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