Get Loud & Local for Taryn's birthday!!

Saturday night I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday and YOU are invited to the party! My dad's band, Mojo Cannon , is playing at Aurora Borealis in Shoreline. The old Drift On Inn, if you remember that spot, and it's been completely remodeled. My dad is one of the "13th Street Horns", so look for...
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Check out these Loud & Local shows over the weekend

Another weekend approaches, and your calendar should include at least one of these Loud & Local shows, Rockaholics! Friday night in Shoreline, you can jump in the skank pit with the Skablins at the newest venue in the area, Aurora Borealis. If you're further north, check out my dad's band, Mojo...
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This weekend is JAM PACKED with these Loud & Local bands

Calling all Rockaholics! Get out and support your kick ass local scene this weekend and hit up some of these rad Loud & Local shows... Shoreline will be rocking out with Platonic Bondage, Gin & Tillyanna, Johndush Beckman and Wyatt Olney tonight at Darrell's Tavern! Tonight at Clock-Out...
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