Corey Taylor

Listen to Corey Taylor's new song "HWY 666"

In his latest solo single "HWY 666", Corey Taylor channels the devil... and outlaw country?! The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman continues to show us he's open to all musical styles.
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Metallica's Enter Sandman in the style of Iron Maiden

This is what Enter Sandman might sound like if it were written by Maiden.
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Happy Anniversary to Slipknot's Debut Album!

21 years ago . . . yes you read that right. 21 years ago, a band, virtually unheard of by anyone from Iowa debuted their first album, and it changed rock music and pushed boundries of what was popular at the time. Now, in 2020, it still holds up. Let's celebrate!
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Stay Home And Rock Out To Slipknot

If you’re feeling down about not being able to get out there and go see concerts, Slipknot has provided the next best thing. Slipknot just posted their entire 97 minute set from last year’s Download Festival. Yes! Turn it up, raise your horns and STAY HOME WITH SLIPKNOT
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Did You Catch Slipknot's New Video?

It's colorful. It's metal. It's awesome. Let's headbang.
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Someone Mashed up Slipknot With the Spice Girls . . . and It Works Video of MASHUP - The Slip Girls - "If You Wanna Breathe My Sulfur" Naked Pizza Engagement Photos Go Viral I have posted more today than I have posted all year! But ----‍♂️ Here goes another one!!! A post shared by...
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[Video] Slipknot performed 'Solway Firth' live for the first time

Powered by Slipknot's sixth studio album We Are Not Your Kind was released on Friday, and an instant fan favorite has been the song "Solway Firth". Without a doubt, this is one of the heaviest songs on the album, and the band played it live for the first time in Chicago on Sunday,...
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Did You Notice Slipknot Had New Outfits and Masks for Pain?!

Pain in the Grass is HERE! And we already knocked out Day 1! Can you believe it? Something I found kind of cool, was that Slipknot debuted new masks and outfits for the summer for the first time at Pain in the Grass on Tuesday! The soul is not so vibrant | Auburn, WA #knotfestroadshow A post shared...
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Photo Gallery: Live Pics from Pain In The Grass - Day 1 - 7.30.19

Photo Gallery: Slipknot, Behemoth, Volbeat, Gojira, Witch Ripper - PITG 7.30.19 Photos - "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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Photo Gallery: Misc + M&G - Pain In The Grass - Day 1 - 7.30.19

Pain In The Grass - Day 1 Misc + Slipknot M&G Photos - 7.30.19 Photos - "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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