Joey Deez Blog "Donut Day"

It’s Friday! Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet because it’s National Donut Day!! Check out this video about all the great donuts you could be eating today! What's your favorite type of donut? #NationalDonutDay - @The_Prodigy999 — BJ Shea (@BJShea) June 2, 2017...
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Joey Deez Blog "Super Bowl Festivities"

Got a text from my bro Joey Deez last night saying he was out sick again; I told him to feel better and his response was ‘hopefully I’ll be ok by Sunday for the Super Bowl’. I see where his minds at, but let’s get real, that’s where EVERYONE’S minds at. The big game is this Sunday and even though...
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Joey "Deez" Blog "Favorite Snacks"

It’s hump day which means that most of us are looking for an extra boost to get through the day and there’s no better way to get more energy than with a tasty snack. We all have your favorite munchies at work, but our Intern Abby definitely has a unique one, Gummy Bears. Besides being dangerously...
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