Son Of Havok

Migs Blog: Matt Cross!

Why is wrestler Matt Cross shirtless and still wearing his wrestling trunks in this picture? Well check out my interview with Matt on my wrestling podcast, Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling. Matt is one of my favorite wrestlers…I absolutely love watching him in the ring…and his passion for wrestling...
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Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling...This Friday!

This Friday I am getting an opportunity to step into the squared circle…with Cody Rhodes! No, I am not wrestling (that would be a recipe for disaster haha)…but I am going to be the ring announcer for a brand new local wrestling promotion: Defy Wrestling. @ImSteveMigs will reign as the announcer and...
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Migs Blog: 3-2-1 Battle!

While we were on vacation I finally got to check something out that I have always wanted to see. 3-2-1 Battle! What is 3-2-1 Battle? Well it’s a local independent wrestling promotion…as they call it Weird Wrestling. Yes, they get weird, but they also get awesome. Man…this was an insanely fun night...
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