Temple of the Dog - Paramount Theatre - 11.20.16

Temple of the Dog - Paramount Theatre Seattle - 11.20.16 Photos - "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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Rock Blog: The Top 8 Albums From 1991

Take yourself back 25 years. No matter where you were, no matter what you were doing, 1991 provided a soundtrack to your life. That, of course, is provided you were alive and consuming music back then. The biggest impact on music was the death of the Sunset Strip and the birth of Seattle, or as the...
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Migs Blog: The Flannel Years

Yesterday I had a complete blast on my podcast, as I had a friend join us to chat about a cool photo exhibit she is doing. If you are a fan of the music that put Seattle on the map, I am certain you will want to check this out. Many years ago, when I worked at 107.7 The End, Karen Mason Blair was...
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