Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday October 26th, 2019

Powerglove - This Is Halloween (A Nightmare Before Christmas) Kalmah - Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover) Exmortus - Beetlejuice (Danny Elfman cover) Death - God Of Thunder (KISS cover) Megadeth - No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper cover) Decrepit Birth - Infecting The Crypts (Suffocation cover) Amon...
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My house might be haunted, but I know one that DEFINITELY is!

There's a new movie coming out next year with Helen Mirren as Sara Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House. this got me thinking about haunted places and spooky doings in general. Join me for a quick walk around my 100 year old house in Tacoma and I'll tell you about my experiences with the...
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