Stitched up Heart

[Listen] Stitched Up Heart release new single 'Lost' feat. Sully Erna

We've been thirsty for new music from Pain in the Grass alumni Stitched Up Heart, so we're pumped to know they teamed up with Godsmack frontman Sully Erna on a new song called 'Lost'. Check it out! Video of Stitched Up Heart - Lost (Audio) ft. Sully Erna The band will spend five dates on tour with...
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Dream All Female Fest

Recently, I’ve had the awesome chance of attending some amazing concerts and I noticed how many featured some awesome ladies of rock! In August I saw Halestorm and In This Moment. Last weekend I took my cousin to her first ever big concert and watched Evanescence and Lindsey Sterling! This got my...
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Rock Blog: 3 Chicks Who Will ROCK You At #Pain2016

There will be a LOT of women who ROCK at Pain In The Grass this Sunday. Rockaholic ladies, Rock Girls... but three exceptionally rockin' women will be ON STAGE, and I'd like to get you acquainted with them before the weekend. First off, we have the lovely and talented sweetheart-of-a-gal Mixi, who...
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Rock Blog: 6 Songs We Wanna Hear At Pain In The Grass

Obviously there will be WAY more than 6 songs played at Pain In The Grass , with 15 bands performing on 2 stages. However, there are a few songs that I pray to the gods of rock we'll be hearing on Sunday August 21st! 1. Disturbed - 'Stupify': For me personally, this is where the love affair with...
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Rock Blog: 7 Of The Best Music Videos From #Pain2016 Bands

1. Disturbed - 'The Sound Of Silence' Video of Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video] 2. Breaking Benjamin - 'The Diary Of Jane' Video of Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane 3. Anthrax w/ Public Enemy - 'Bring The Noise' Video of Anthrax & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (...
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Rock Blog: 5 Reasons We Love Stitched Up Heart

Rockaholics got a delicious taste of Stitched Up Heart on the Another Century Stage at Pain In The Grass 2015, and KISW is STOKED to welcome them back to the main stage at Pain In The Grass 2016 . It was clear from the moment they took the stage last year that we would dig this group, but little...
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Taryn Interviews Mixi from Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart Interview.mp3 Sunday, April 17th 00:13:28 Download Transcript - Not for consumer use. Robot overlords only. Will not be accurate. Rockaholic Brothers and sisters it's Terrance Dailey and super excited and here on Sunday but it's a very special day and I wouldn't be anywhere else...
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Mixi from Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart

This week on "New Blood" get to know Pain in the Grass artist Stitched Up Heart. We were introduced to Mixi, Decker, Merritt and Randy last year at Pain in the Grass when they played the Another Century Stage. Since then Stitched up Heart has been busy. Non-stop touring gave way to a break to...
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