Stone Sour

Recording artist Corey Taylor (of the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour) pays tribute to the late Chris Cornell during the closing of the Rock on the Range Festival at Mapfre Stadium.

Watch Heartwarming Moment When Stone Sour's Corey Taylor Visits A Paralyzed Fan In The Hospital

According to his GoFundMe , Cody Ledbetter was out riding his motorcycle with a friend. When his friend fell off his bike, Cody got off his and crossed the street to check on him. On the way, Cody was hit by a truck that left him with broken ribs, bruises, and road rash, and he is now paralyzed...
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Rock Blog: 4 Things You MUST Bring To #Pain2017

Whether you're leaving town on a road trip or going camping for a few days, a checklist of What To Bring is always handy. Here's ours for Pain In The Grass : 1. Sunscreen. Duh. If you need a refresher on why, please see these horrendous photos . Pro Tip: the medical tent at White River Amphitheater...
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ROCK BLOG: Learn a few cool things about Stone Sour before Pain in the Grass this Saturday!

What I dig about Stone Sour is how with every new album, they release a single that is geared more towards radio, but also incorporate an "in your face" heavy track that is used more for live performances. They truly know how to bring these two worlds together on all of their albums! Thus goes for...
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Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

Did Chad Kroeger Just Say Stone Sour is the Lite Version of Nickelback?

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger was hating on Stone Sour—calling them “Nickelback Lite”—and Slipknot in a recent interview. More specifically, the shade was directed at Corey Taylor, a member of both bands.
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Stone Sour have released ANOTHER new song from their upcoming album, Hydrograd , which comes out June 30th on Roadrunner Records. It's a live studio version of a song called "Mercy": Video of Stone Sour - Mercy (Live From Sphere Studios) Here's to hoping they play this at #Pain2017, which you can...
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Rock Blog: 7 of the Best Music Videos from #Pain2017 Artists

1. Love the song, love the video, and absolutely JACKED for Stone Sour's 'Song #3', sure to be on their Pain in the Grass setlist! Video of Stone Sour - Song #3 [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 2. To serve as a reminder to get to #Pain2017 early next weekend, check out Ten Miles Wide's video for 'The Gross',...
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Rock Blog: 6 Songs We Wanna Hear At #Pain2017

If you know anything about Pain in the Grass , you know that there will be FAR more than 6 songs played next Saturday! With 14 bands playing on 2 stages, it's a full day of ROCKING, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we hear these 6 songs: 1. KoЯn - 'Blind': For many of us, it's one of the...
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Rock Blog: New Video for Korn's "Black is the Soul"

With Pain in the Grass literally just over 3 weeks away, I figured it's about time to release you a new Korn video! That's right, it was all up to me! Okay, just kidding, but it's pretty awesome that the band did just that today! Here is their new video for their song "Black is the Soul". Video of...
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Playing guitar

Stone Sour Share Third Hydrograd Single, Taipei Person / Allah Tea

With the release of Hydrograd quickly approaching on June 30, Stone Sour have shared the third new track, “Taipei Person / Allah Tea,” off the forthcoming album. It’s been a minute since the previous two songs were released together back in April, so this new track came highly anticipated. Listen...
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Rock Blog: Stone Sour release video for 'Song #3'

You've probably jammed out to 'Song #3' on your commute home, with KISW cranked to 11. Now Stone Sour has released the video to go along with what is easily one of our favorite songs of 2017. Check it out! Video of Stone Sour - Song #3 [OFFICIAL VIDEO] We're pretty pumped to see them perform this...
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