summer meltdown

Summer Meltdown Was Incredible!

Over the weekend I attended Summer Meltdown for the second year in a row…and it cemented that I hope to never miss a future Meltdown. The experience I had when I attended Meltdown last year was incredible, and somehow this once was even better. What is Summer Meltdown? It’s a music festival in...
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3 reasons Summer Meltdown is the best local festival

This summer will mark five years I've been attending Summer Meltdown Festival and I am SO giddy about it. There are a few of us from KISW who go together, and every year we say, "It's the best year yet!" I truly believe this local festival is the most special in our area, and these are the reasons...
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Migs Blog: Summer Meltdown

Over the weekend I checked out an awesome music festival in Darrington Washington! It’s called Summer Meltdown , and for years Thee Ted Smith has been raving about this festival and trying to get me to check it out. This year I did, and I now get why he loves it. Awesome music, a relaxed...
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