How Did You Fix That With No Tools?

Hola Bitcholas, Today was our "Random Question Question", so we covered a lot of different topics, but the one that seemed to stick had to do with 'ghetto DIY'. The inspiration for this involves a guy in Colorado. He had a busted tail light, but instead of replacing it, he decided to get creative...
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Would You Rather: Worm Edition

Hola Bitcholas, Today, we talked about hospital visits. We've had the misfortune of having to go to a hospital for an injury or disease or condition. Let's face it, other than maybe child birth, no one goes to the hospital because something good happened. And we heard many calls that proved that...
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"Seinfeld"- George Talks About Rescuing the Whale By Posing As a Marine Biologist Video of Seinfeld - Marine Biologist Jeopardy Guy Wins Nine In A Row (VIDEO) Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Caught On Tape Snorting Coke NSFW VIDEO
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