Maynard James Keenan

A Perfect Circle Unveil the World's First Holographic Album

After a nearly decade-and-a-half wait, A Perfect Circle have released their latest album, Eat The Elephant, which is now available as a deluxe box set. And with that box set comes the world’s first holographic album. NBD.
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Shinedown Debut Music Video For New Song, "The Human Radio"

If you're a fan of ' Black Mirror ,' then you're going to appreciate the message of Shinedown 's video for their new song, "The Human Radio."
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Playing around with the PlayTable at CES

Hey guys, BJ here! We had the chance to play around with some really awesome tech at CES 2018 this year, and gaming was a big focus for a lot of the developers we saw. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, haptic sensors, all of them being used to enhance the gaming experience for the future. There...
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CES 2018 report: Beauty and the Bolt

Hey guys, it's BJ! We spent an amazing four days in Las Vegas covering CES 2018 and experiencing the future of technology. There were robots and drones everywhere, Augmented and Virtual Reality were a big part of the show, there was a ton of personal audio/visual entertainment on display, as well...
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Worn out but worth it at CES 2018

Hey guys, it's BJ! I'm so worn out from CES 2018, walking from place to place and then zig-zagging all over the convention halls once we got to our destination, it was pretty brutal. Even though it took a lot out of me, it was all worth it for all the cool stuff we got to see and do! This was my...
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BJ's "Report" from CES 2018

Hey it's BJ, covering CES 2018 from Las Vegas! It's been a whirlwind spectacle for us at CES with opportunities to explore the future of technology around every corner and in every room of a dozen locations here in Vegas, but I wanted to talk about a few things we were introduced to during the...
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BJ & Migs On New Day Northwest​ Check out the video here! British Anchorman Leaves Studio On-Air Due To Fire Evacuation Video of ‘These things happen’: fire alarm takes ITV News off air Surgeons Find Ketchup Packet In Patient's Intestine Video of Doctors Find Ketchup Packet Stuck In Woman&#...
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Apple Will Reportedly Replace Batteries for iPhone Models 6 & Newer

Now, according to ‘USA Today,‘ Apple may be amending its original announcement.
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Jason Momoa Jokes About Aquaman's Powers Video of Jason Momoa Shows Off His Aquaman Quindent | The Graham Norton Show Video of Jason Momoa Wows Hugh Grant With Some Dothraki | The Graham Norton Show Mark Hamill Surprises People On The Star Tours Ride at Disneyland​ Video of Mark Hamill on Star...
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A Grandmother Gets Stuck Behind a Dryer and Can't Get Out Video of This Just Gets Funnier and Funnier! Chris Evans' Dog Dodger Sings Along With a "Lion King" Stuffed Toy​ This is Dodger’s stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press it’s paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to...
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