When You Cannot Win

Hola Bitcholas, There's just no making people happy. Trust me, we know this to be true, but still, there are moments when you're reminded that there is no bottom to it. Case-in-point, we found out during the show that a loyal listener died last night. Her husband reached out to us and shared a...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Gets Historical

Hola, Earlier today the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn in. Within an hour, on the White House website, all references to 'climate change' were removed, but you CAN order merch from Melania's fashion and jewelry line. Already we're focused on the important things. Be proud...
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SHOW # 2300 January 12 2016

"Hola amigos, A guy in Portland, Oregon went to a pet store last Friday and decided that he needed a ball python... because why wouldn't he? Instead of paying the $200 for it, he simply stuffed the python down the front of his pants and left the store. Check it out here: I'm not necessarily scared...
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