Vince Neil

Vince Neil of Motley Crue Reveals His Dog Was 'Brutally Murdered'

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is in mourning as his five-year-old Yorkshire terrier, “Cali,” has since passed after suffering what he and his family call a brutal murder right at his front door by a neighbor’s “kill for sport” dogs.
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Vince Neil Denies Rumors That Tommy Lee Feud Is Preventing Motley Crue Tour

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil is emphatically denying a report that said a feud between him and drummer Tommy Lee is preventing a massive comeback tour. Radar Online cited anonymous sources in a report that said Mötley Crüe had been offered $150 million by Live Nation under one condition: Neil...
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Vince Neil Remembers Daughter in Emotional Instagram Post

The death of a child can bring even the baddest of rockers to their knees. Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil lived the horror first-hand when his daughter, Skylar , endured a grueling battle with cancer before succumbing to the disease in 1995. Nearly 25 years later, Neil is remembering the time he...
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[Video] Motley Crue movie 'The Dirt' premieres March 22nd on Netflix

There's no denying that the story of Motley Crue may be one of the biggest rock and roll rollercoasters of all time. The best-selling book The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band has received a film adaptation, and it premieres on Netflix March 22nd. Check out the trailer: The...
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Motley Crue attend the last ever European press conference

Motley Crue Appears to be Teasing a Super Bowl Commercial

Also watch Nikki Sixx perform with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson
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Motley Crue in 2011

Motley Crue Movie Finally Gets Release Date

'The Dirt' biopic is coming to theaters this spring
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Motley Crue and the cast of "The Dirt"

Meet The Cast Of 'The Dirt,' The Upcoming Motley Crue Biopic

After years of touring, infighting, and all kinds of chaos, the story of Mötley Crüe will be hitting the silver screen in 'The Dirt.'
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Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly To Star As Tommy Lee In Motley Crue Biopic

Machine Gun Kelly will play Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in the forthcoming Netflix biopic, 'The Dirt.'
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