World Premiere

WORLD PREMIERE: Pearl Jam Back and Brand New on 'Dance Of The Clairvoyants'

Something special has been summoned within Pearl Jam , obvious from the first snap of the bass drum and the twinkling of the synths. Channeling new wave edge with a singing snarl, Eddie Vedder emerges early on “Dance Of The Clairvoyants,” more elastic and effervescent than we remember. Maybe it’s...
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WORLD PREMIERE: Ozzy Osbourne Rises Again on 'Under the Graveyard'

Any reports of Ozzy Osbourne ’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. After a year filled with setbacks, health concerns and cancelled tour dates, the Prince Of Darkness has emerged stronger than ever. Osbourne has released “Under the Graveyard,” his first solo song since his Scream album arrived...
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WORLD PREMIERE: Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy Set for 'HELLA MEGA' Tour

“We wanted to do something that was kind of like a ‘Monsters Of Rock’ kind of feel to it,” Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day explains, swiveling in his chair beside Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt . “We got the ‘Monsters Of Insects’ tour” he laughs. The HELLA MEGA tour is monstrous, with Weezer and Fall...
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WORLD PREMIERE: Tool Inject a New Generation With 'Fear Inoculum'

13 years in the making, the time for Tool has arrived. On Wednesday August 7, the band officially revealed their first song since 2006, the epic title track to their upcoming 5th album, Fear Inoculum . The song is the first sample of the LP due out on August 30. “Fear Inoculum” is a RADIO.COM World...
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WORLD PREMIERE: Volbeat Leads Off With “Last Day Under The Sun”

From the band's upcoming album 'Rewind, Replay, Rebound'
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The Black Keys

WORLD PREMIERE: The Black Keys Blast Back on "Lo/Hi"

After almost 5 years away, everyone's favorite rock duo comes roaring back
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