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The Rock Of Seattle app has a new home, on Radio.com. Just download the FREE radio.com app so you can still listen to BJ & Migs, Ryan Castle, The Mens Room, and Taryn Daly anytime and anywhere!

You can download the app for your iPhone or Android now.

Once you have it, make sure you “favorite” KISW so you can take advantage of the cool features of this new app. Just click the menu in the upper right corner and select “add to favorites.”

Come on, we’re waitin’ to ROCK with you!

Radio.com App Features:

  • FAVORITE YOUR LOCAL STATIONS: Get to KISW even faster by making us one of your “Favorites”, so you can preview what song we're playing before you connect on your home screen.
  • AUDIO ON-DEMAND: Never miss a BJ & Migs podcast, or interviews with your favorite artists, celebs, and more.
  • THE LASTEST ON CONTESTS: Find out what sweet prizes were giving away, right from your iPhone or Android.
  • ALARM CLOCK: Wake up with 99.9 KISW by setting your Radio.com alarm clock.
  • PLUS plenty of new great features to come!

Having trouble streaming from radio.com and the radio.com app? Email [email protected].