Migs Blog: Andrew Rivers...Magician?!?

Our bud, comedian Andrew Rivers , just posted another great video for his “Don’t Quit Your Night Job” video series…where he tries to learn how to do other people’s jobs! This time around…he is trying to be a magician, as he meets up with Magician Louie Foxx. He even goes so far to try and get out...
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Migs Blog: Give Her A Hand!

Some magician in Poland tried to do a trick on a Polish TV show the other day, and the trick failed …and failed really, really, really bad! So bad that one of the co-hosts got her hand IMPALED on a huge nail. The nail was about six inches long and a quarter-inch thick. The magician had put a nail...
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The Prodigy’s’ Blog “Showtime”

The lights go down as crowd grows silent, anticipation growing in their mind. Thousands gather to join in an experience like none other, Showtime. One stage, one act, one night in which everyone and anyone come together to share in experience they will not soon forget. There’s nothing like going to...
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