Miles Montgomery

Run D and See!

Hola Bitcholas, We covered a lot of territory on today's show, but 'sky penis' quickly became our focus. What is 'sky penis'? 'Sky Penis' is the name we've given to the giant penis that graced the skies over rural Washington state. In case you didn't know, a NAVY flight crew was grounded after...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Is Lost As Hell

Hola, Sometimes you just get lost. Happens to everyone at some point or another...and more often than not for others. Our very own Miles Montgomery once got lost in the Grand Ole Opry Hotel...for 2 hours. To be fair, he was drunk on Jack Daniels and the hotel is 'yuge'. Might sound ridiculous, but...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog

Hola, My feet itch... but that is neither here nor there. Thanks to a listener of the show, we got an email today that informed us of a book titled "Dog on Board". Here's a link to it, via Amazon : "Have you ever met a dog who could ride the bus all by herself? Eclipse can, and her story went viral...
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