the Stanley Cup Finals

Migs Blog: Activate Beast Mode!

Even though he is retired…or we think he is…Marshawn Lynch still finds ways to entertain! This video surfaced this weekend and it’s a teaser for an interview that Marshawn did with 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime. The opening moment where he gives them a hard time about not springing for food has me...
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Migs Blog: Hockey Hockey Hockey

Last night the Stanley Cup Finals were set as the Penguins beat the Lightning 2-1, and are moving on to take on the San Jose Sharks in the finals. I think a lot of their success had to do with a little visit from the Hanson Brothers! The 1st meeting of the season was in Johnstown, PA. Tonight, all...
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Migs Blog: It's A Paper Airplane Fella!

Sometimes I think professional athletes need to remind themselves to have fun. They are playing a game, getting paid millions to do so…don’t sweat the small stuff! For instance… Joey Votto needs to relax! I mean… RELAX! Who is Joey Votto? Joey plays first base for the Cincinatti Reds, and they were...
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