Rock Blog: New Video for Korn's "Black is the Soul"

With Pain in the Grass literally just over 3 weeks away, I figured it's about time to release you a new Korn video! That's right, it was all up to me! Okay, just kidding, but it's pretty awesome that the band did just that today! Here is their new video for their song "Black is the Soul". Video of...
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Migs Blog: What were you doing at 12?

So when I was 12 or 13… I was in a band, we were called “Elderly Destruction”, and we did our best impression of bands like Nuclear Assault, Overkill, D.R.I., etc with our attempt at being a bad ass thrash metal band. We had one problem… we were not very good. Need proof…check it out: When I look...
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Rob Zombie/Korn/In This Moment - White River Amp 7.26.16

Rob Zombie/Korn/In This Moment - White River Amphitheatre 7.26.16 Photos - "Iron" Mike Savoia - Stephanie Savoia -
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