Get the Popcorn Ready!

Hola Bitcholas, Today is a crazy day. Work was great, the show was fun, but there's the specter of insanity brewing. I'm talking about the news. No political discussions, but when the sitting "President" sides with the KGB and not EVERY American and European intelligence agency, there is trouble...
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Joey Deez Blog “Cinco de Mayo!”

Friday is finally here Rock-A-Holics and in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a special tequila filled Friday! Cinco de Mayo comes around once a year and for once luck is on our side as is falls on the best day of the week. Why? Because after all the drinking you do today you’re going to...
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Joey Deez Blog "Weird Drink Combos"

Ohh heyyyyy! Its Ooh Sara here again, taking over Joey Deez blog. Apparently he has the stomach flu but really this was his first weekend he could drink again, so let’s get real, he is probably just hung-over. Now speaking about drinks, I need you opinion on something. On the weekends I’m a server...
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