Joey Deez Blog "The Last Jedi"

Today’s blog is going to be short and straight to the point as it is a Monday and everyone here at the station is ready for nap. I know the next Star Wars seems like it’s very far away, but maybe it will seem a bit closer after today. Want to start your Monday off right? Check out this sweet behind...
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Joey Deez Blog "40th Anniversary"

If you woke up today with a little bit of extra energy you must be one with the force because this is no ordinary Thursday. 40 years ago today one of the greatest films franchises of all time debuted is sci-fi fantasy greatness inspiring many generations to dream of a being Jedi. Hard to believe...
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Joey Deez Blog "Trailer Time"

Welcome to another Terrific Tuesday Rock-A-Holics! Today’s blog will be quick because my mind is already focused on what’s happening after the show today. What am I doing? Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2! I managed to make it through the weekend without hearing any spoilers and I’m thoroughly...
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