Mother Love

Migs Blog: London Bridge Studio

Yesterday I got to do something that I could only describe as: Incredible, Mind Blowing, Special, and Completely Ridiculous. If you listen to our show, and know our game Beat Migs…you have heard the Beat Migs song that we play. It’s basically me singing (badly) over Pearl Jam’s cover of the Dead...
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Migs Blog: Mother Love Bone!

So my morning was made thanks to a tweet that Easy Street Records put out. Some of you may know that I am a HUGE Mother Love Bone fan. They are in my top 5 of all time for sure. There are many reasons why I wish I grew up in Seattle… one of them being that I would have loved to have been here while...
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Has 25 years really gone by for Andrew Wood?

Has 25 years really gone by? Our city of Seattle has been through so much pain over the years within our music community loosing so many great musicians to drugs. Seems like yesterday the bad news of Andrew Wood hit my ears 3.19.90. I remember the huge buzz leading up to the Mother Love Bone "A...
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