Would You Rather: Inappropriate Food Edition!

Hola Bitcholas, We asked today, "What did you find out after the fact?" The question was inspired, in part, by the story of a cannibal who opened a roadside pit beef stand. I think you can piece together where this is going. If not, lemme cut to the quick; he served people people. Seems that people...
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Thrill's Big Brown is Hanging Over Here

Hola, Spent last Thursday through last Saturday in Vegas, with Ryan Castle and Robin Fox. It was a convention/seminar kinda thing for rock radio...and I STILL feel some of the remnants of a trip to Vegas with Castle, Robin and hundreds of other people who are in rock radio. It was a good event but...
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Bad-Ass Burgers

A good burger is a thing of beauty. Being a PNW native, I love the simplicity and the nostalgia of the classic Dick's Drive In cheeseburger, but I also go nuts for the fire roasted Anaheim Peppers at Red Mill Burgers. Since most of us have been to those establishments, I wanted to draw some atte...
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