Joey Deez Blog “Hangover Cures for Sara”

Oohhhh heyyy! It’s Ooh Sara here again taking over for my bro Joey Deez. Now I’m not sure if he just got a little too busy today that he didn’t write a blog or perhaps it is because he is still hung-over from The Meet the Rock Girl Party. Now if you weren’t at the party I must tell you that you...
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Joey "Deez" Blog "Once There Was a Time"

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders: The trivia question for this week is, What happened on the west coast of America in the summer of 1967 that is still called by a particular name? Once there was a time. It was a perfect storm of music, issues, and people all coming...
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BJ'S BLOG 03/15/16 "Tattoos = Healthy?"

I’m pretty sure we have some tattooed skin in the ranks of the Rock-A-Holics, so this seemed like a thing worth talking about… A new study from the University of Alabama suggests that people with tattoos may be healthier than those of us who are inkless. When you subject your skin to the needle on...
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