the NHL

Migs Blog: Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Over the weekend was the NHL draft…I know, I know…you were all glued to the TV to watch it. I was watching… as I knew of a couple fellas that might get drafted, and it was pretty damn cool to see their names called. I have been fortunate enough to play hockey with some super talented people…I love...
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Migs Blog 04/27/16 "Lets Go T-Birds!"

Ok…if you have no plans tonight, go online and buy some tickets to go to the T-Birds game tonight at the Showare Center in Kent. The Thunderbirds are a junior hockey team in the WHL, and they are kicking some serious booty in the playoffs! They are one win away from sweeping the Kelowna Rockets in...
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Migs Blog 04/26/16 "My New Fave Basketball Player!"

I am not a big basketball fan…especially since the Sonics left I haven’t been super excited to watch the sport. Plus, evbent though the NBA playoffs are going on, it’s also time for the NHL playoffs and that to me is some of the most compelling and intense watching when it comes to any sport...
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