Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "Which Character is Who?"

Good day my Nerd- chachos!


So the other day I peeked into Ryan Castle’s office and saw him hard at work getting stuff ready for Pain in the Grass which is coming up this Saturday and I took a moment to really appreciate his dedication and love for this station.


Then I started how hard we are going to party, from eating great food, watching amazing bands play, and of course, enjoying a fine adult beverage! Ryan Castle is truly great at all those things, which makes it weird to think that the hard working man I saw hunched over his computer is the same guy known as “The Drunk in Charge.”


My A.D.D. then took me into thinking; he is really the Tony Stark of the station. He’s in charge, funny, and enjoys a good drink.


That got me on this path in trying to figure out which comic book characters everyone from our show would be, and yes, this was a challenge!


BJ - Professor X

He needs a team around him and usually someone else is in charge of things (Storm, Cyclops, Emma Frost)




Migs - Deadpool 


Weird, crazy, mouthy, and a little pervy? Yup, Steve is Deadpool, Plus they share a love of tasty foods and drinks! 


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Rev – The Hulk


Brainy, typically pretty chill, but you take the last slice of pizza without asking, or make him play a board game he doesn’t like, watch out, he will get angry!

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Danny – Beast Boy


A loveable, goofy, fun loving friend of everyone, Danny is truly Beast Boy. (Except for the fact that he’s green and Danny is more of an “orange.”)



Sara – Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat


Young, sweet, big heart, but also has been known to have some fun! Sara is Shawdowcat for the exception of being an expert in computers, but you know, twerking is just as good!

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Joe – Doctor Strange

Won’t get involved unless he really has to or it directly affects him, but when he does, he get’ ess done!


Uncle Chris – Alfred Pennyworth 

Alfred, AKA Bruce Wayne’s butler/father figure is always there helping with whatever Bruce and/or Batman needs, no matter how insane the task. Sound familiar? Uncle Chris does a great job making sure BJ has what he needs, from driving him to the chiropractor when he’s hurt to taking bags with BJ’s wife’s bras to Goodwill. He is truly the hero we need and deserve!




I didn’t pick one for me because I’m biased, but you can! Which comic book character would you pick for me and why?

Also, who would you pick for yourself and why?

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy! ~ Vicky B